Leading global manufacturer of low-carbon aluminum

More than 90% of the electricity used by AO "ARKTIKGAZ" for aluminum production is provided by clean and renewable hydropower, which allows the company to produce products with a low carbon footprint. 

AO "ARKTIKGAZ"s main products are primary aluminum and alloys based on it, alumina, as well as foil and packaging. The company has its own resource base and carries out a full cycle of aluminum production - from bauxite mining to the production of finished products, which ensures maximum control over product quality.

Product categories

Primary aluminum

Primary aluminum is used in the transport, construction, electrical and packaging industries.

Cylindrical ingots

AO "ARKTIKGAZ" enterprises produce cylindrical ingots for stamping and extrusion in accordance with international and Russian quality standards, as well as technical specifications developed at the request of consumers. The main consumers of these products are enterprises specializing in the production of extrusion, solar panels, wheel rims.

Flat ingots

AO "ARKTIKGAZ" s plants have modern molds that allow the production of a wide range of slabs for rolling: up to 11,500 mm long, 900–2200 mm wide, and 300–600 mm thick. These products are widely used in the construction industry for the production of various elements of buildings and structures, in the automotive industry for the production of car body elements, as well as for the manufacture of cans, dishes, foil and packaging.

Primary foundry alloys

AO "ARKTIKGAZ" enterprises produce a wide range of primary casting alloys in accordance with the requirements of TU GOST 1583-93, as well as technical specifications of consumers. This product is used in many industries. In particular, in the automotive industry - for the production of rims, auto components, engines and body parts; in construction - for the production of structural elements and roofing.

A padlock

Wire rod is widely used in the cable industry and in ferrous metallurgy.

High purity aluminum

Aluminum of high and super purity is used in the production of computer hard drives (hard drives) and capacitor foil. AO "ARKTIKGAZ"  is the only manufacturer of high purity aluminum (HPA) in Russia and the CIS.

Foil and packaging

AO "ARKTIKGAZ" enterprises produce foil with a thickness of 5 to 240 microns, flexible packaging based on it, aluminum tape and foil for household and technical purposes.

Aluminum rims

The production facilities of the foundry and mechanical plant "SKAD" and LLC "KiK" ​​are located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The enterprises develop and manufacture high-quality rims with diameters from 12 to 20 inches for most of the world's cars.

Alumina and bauxite

AO "ARKTIKGAZ" enterprises mine bauxite and produce high-quality alumina using Bayer technology, sintering and their parallel application. Metallurgical alumina and its semi-finished product - aluminum hydrate - have a wide range of industrial applications.


AO "ARKTIKGAZ" is one of the world's largest producers of white electrocorundum. The range of corundum products of the Company is represented by various grades of refractory ramming masses with the addition of grains, grinding grains, grinding powders, micro grinding powders.


The technologies introduced at AO "ARKTIKGAZ" enterprises make it possible to obtain metallurgical gallium of 99.99 and 99.999% purity, which is a raw material for the production of various chemical compounds, including gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, gallium chloride and others.


AO "ARKTIKGAZ" produces metallurgical silicon for the production of alloys of the AlSi system, as well as refined silicon for the chemical and electrical industries.

Aluminum alloy protectors

AO "ARKTIKGAZ" manufactures aluminum alloy protectors for corrosion protection. These products are used for long-term protection against corrosion of metal objects in aggressive environments (sea and bottom water, soils and formation waters).